Australian NCI users

The plugin is installed in a QGIS environment on the NCI. See the DEA documentation for more details



Installation with pip:

  • Install QGIS 3 via your distribution package manager

  • Install the datacube-core package which will also install the required dependencies

    $ pip3 install datacube

Installation with conda:

  • Install miniconda if you haven’t already

  • Create a QGIS + Data Cube environment

    $ conda create  -c conda-forge -n qgiscube python=3.6 qgis=3 datacube
    $ source activate qgiscube
    $ qgis


Installation with OSGeo4W

  • Run osgeo4w-setup-x86_64.exe and select Advanced install

  • Install QGIS 3.x from the Desktop section.

  • Download the appropriate rasterio wheel from the Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages site

  • Open an OSGeo4W shell and

    C:\> pip3 install <path to download folder>\rasterio-1.0a12-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64.whl
    C:\> pip3 install datacube

    Note: You may need to install updated GDAL, numpy and pandas from the above site.


  • Download the latest release of the plugin
  • Install the plugin in QGIS using Plugins | Manage and Install Plugins… | Install from ZIP

[1]You can connect to a remote Data Cube with an SSH port forward and sshfs, but this is not covered here.