The plugin can be configured through the QGIS Settings | Options… menu in the Processing | Providers | Open Data Cube section.


Open Data Cube database config file

Type:File path
Notes:Path to an Open Data Cube config file. If not set, the Open Data Cube library will look for a config file in some default locations.

Maximum datasets to load in a query

Notes:The plugin can and will load every available dataset that matches your query. This can cause memory issues and will certainly be slow for large numbers of datasets. If a query will return data from more than the maximum specified in this settings, the query will not execute and a message will be displayed.

Build GeoTiff Overviews

Notes:If checked, the plugin will build overviews/pyramids for the returned data to speed up rendering.

GeoTiff Creation Options

Notes:A valid JSON string that contains rasterio creation options.
Default:{"driver": "GTiff", "interleave": "band", "tiled": true, "blockxsize": 256, "blockysize": 256, "compress": "lzw", "predictor": 1, "tfw": false, "jpeg_quality": 75, "profile": "GDALGeoTIFF", "bigtiff": "IF_NEEDED", "geotiff_keys_flavor": "STANDARD", "photometric": "RGBA"}

GeoTiff Overview Options

Notes:A valid JSON string to configure rasterio overviews.
Default:{"resampling": "average", "factors": [2, 4, 8, 16, 32], "internal_storage": true}